Your Menstrual Cycle & Yoga | Let's Talk About It

Your Menstrual Cycle & Yoga | Let’s Talk About It 💙 Get the 28 day Menstrual Cycle Yoga Calendar at: Get Jes’ Free Symptom Mapper to learn more about where you are in your menstrual cycle at: Join me and my friend Jes, Period Coach & Menstruation Expert from HerMoodMentor to talk about your Menstrual Cycle & Yoga, how you can use your yoga practice to best support your hormonal fluctuations each month. I’ve been following her advice since and I feel like I gained a new skill! It feels so good to be so in-sync with your body. Check out the chapters below for the specific questions I’ll be asking. CHAPTERS: 00:00 Welcome to SBY Spotlight 00:54 Introducing Jes, HerMoodMentor Period Coach 02:05 What is a Period Coach? 02:54 What is PMS & What is PMDD 05:38 What is a “healthy” menstrual cycle 07:24 What are the phases of a menstrual cycle? 09:20 Signs that your menstru


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