Yoga Nidra and Trauma: Unravelling from a painful past – Webinar with James Reeves

20% off all our Academy courses and trainings today: Yoga Nidra teacher training on the EkhartYoga Academy: Trauma can be simply defined as the residue of overwhelming or accumulative negative experience. We all have trauma within us, as our mind and body naturally store emotions and experiences that we’re unable to process at the time. Whether 4 years old and terrified of our first day of school, or 44 years old and overwhelmed by the demands of life, our cup can overfill. And this surplus can spill over into our unconscious mind, to be tended to once we can cope again. Here’s where Yoga Nidra Nidra can help. One of the lesser known – yet research-proven – benefits of Yoga Nidra is its efficacy in helping to digest and metabolise these residual, stored emotions and traumas. In this webinar with James Reeves you will learn: – More about the research-proven benefits of practising Yoga Nid


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