Yoga For Sore Legs, Hips, & Lower Back | RECOVERY & FLEXIBILITY

This 30 minute yoga class is for sore & tired legs and lower body. A perfect deep stretch flexibility yoga session that doubles as an incredible thirty minute recovery practice too for your hamstrings, glutes, calves, and entire lower back as well. A yoga session designed for hikers, runners, and anyone who has been on their feet for way too many hours. It’s also great for anyone who has spent too much time sitting upright- which includes at a desk or anywhere that refuses to serve your body well. These days it’s becoming a common professional understanding that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Remember to listen to your body. Remember to breathe steadily & consciously as much as possible. And remember to relax and always have fun. … Namaste Yoga Instructor- Mark Spicoluk Location- Mystica Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica Class Music- Michael FK *** Boho Beautiful Yoga Links: Boho Beautiful Official- Our NEW Streaming Platform & App https://www


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