Yoga for Back Pain – 20 min Beginners Back, Low Back, Shoulders, & Neck Pain Stretches

This series of yoga stretches was designed for anyone experiencing back pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or a combination of these. This beginner level yoga poses may be able to relieve pain or tension throughout the entire body, but will focus on back pain health. If, you are feeling tight muscles, sore muscles, or would like to gain strength in back muscles effectively helping your entire body out, this series of back strengthening, heart opening, and lower body stretches may be exactly what you are looking for! Certified Yoga Instructor Cole Chance, leads this Yoga flow. This is a beginners level instructional yoga video. ❤️ JOIN OUR YOGA & LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY ❤️ 🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT – 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁 ✨ OFFICIAL YOGATX APPAREL ✨ 😍 NEW EXCLUSIVE 1-HOUR LONG FLOWS AVAILABLE 😍 🔹 SUPPORT YOGATX W


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