Yoga for Anxiety & Stress – 20 min Stretches & Breathing Exercises for Anxiety, Stress, & Relaxing

This relaxing, total body yoga stretch was designed to help when we are feeling stress or anxiety. This full, 20 minute, deep stretch routine was curated with poses and breathing exercises that can help manage your stress and anxiety, and also help you feel renewed, reset, rejuvenated, and relaxed. If you have been searching for a daily or weekly stretch session that is gentle and relaxing enough to do on a consistent basis, AND is fun, you have found the right flow. Exercising, working out, getting a good cardio or weight training session in, have always been very beneficial for our bodies and health, and this quick yoga flow is no exception and may just be what you are needing to feel some relief of pain or tension you may have been experiencing. Join certified yoga instructor Jacq St. Pierre, from Austin TX, as she leads this full body yoga stretch. ❤️ JOIN OUR YOGA & LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY ❤️ 🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT – 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁 h


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