Yoga Flow for Core Strength with Nikka Nadia

Core strength is crucial for stability, and what better way to get it than in the midst of a breath filled yoga flow! Join guest teacher Nikka Nadia for a powerful core strengthening yoga flow class to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles while stretching and opening your upper back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings & lower back. Nikka is a wonderful teacher, with years of study and practice in yoga therapy, yoga flow and dance. Nikka was born in raised in small town Wisconsin. Nikka was raised in a family rich with culture, science, faith, diversity, and arts. She has studied dance, ballet, jazz, modern, tap, african, hip-hop and bellydance, since the age of 6 and started yoga at 16. Nikka fell in love with yoga and all it had to offer and decided to do a teacher training when she was 18. She wanted to share the benefits and teaching came naturally to her. She taught yoga throughout college all over Milwaukee at studios, at the UWM school gym, senior homes, and kids camps. Nikka attende


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