Wake Up Yoga For All | Yoga For Harmony, Strength & Inner Power

This 20 minute yoga class for strength and inner power is an incredible way to energize your body, wake up your mind, and increase your flexibility. It is a perfect yoga class for mornings, but also this yoga flow is wonderful for inner alignment, an energy refresh, or to recharge and lift yourself at any point. While remaining with your conscious breath & awareness through each movement, this yoga class will have you moving through different planks, chaturangas, warrior asanas, and overall body movement. This yoga flow for strength and energy will allow you to build incredible strength in your lower body and shoulders. As you flow through each movement, remember to stay connected to your breath. Anytime the yoga poses become challenging, taking that extra breath of oxygen to re-generate your cells, and muscular stamina will be crucial. Remember to be patient with your body and never force any posture. This yoga class is geared for more intermediate level yogis so if you are new to


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