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The Importance of Sharing Your Birth Story with Bryn Huntpalmer

For many years, before formalized childbirth education class, knowledge of birth was transferred to expectant parents through birth stories from members of their community and families.  Birth stories can continue to contribute to the preparation and confidence for one’s upcoming birth and offer personal stories and real human interactions rather than a medical account of the experience.  

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with founder of The Birth Hour, Bryn Huntpalmer. Bryn explains the importance of having the opportunity to share one’s birth story with little interruptions and commentary. She also discusses the common thread she has noticed in over 600 birth stories. Lastly, Bryn shares a bit of her own birth stories. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Learn about Bryn and what inspired her to start The Birth Hour. 
  • The importance of hearing birth stories without interruption or commentary.
  • The importance and value of sharing one’s birth story without interruption or commentary
  • How birth stories can bolster someone’s desire to further educate themselves in preparation for their upcoming birth and postpartum plan.
  • The impact Bryn felts as a new parent when she shared her own birth stories with her friends and community.
  • Bryn’s birth stories 
  • How the community benefits from hearing a wide variety of stories with all different birth choices.
  • The common thread Bryn sees after hearing over 600 birth stories.
  • One tip/piece of advice Brynn has for new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Brynn’s work and what she is up to next!

About Bryn:

Bryn Huntpalmer is the founder of  The Birth Hour podcast which was featured as one of the ‘Top 50 Podcasts” by Time Magazine and has over 16 million downloads to date. She is passionate about helping pregnant people prepare for childbirth through the sharing of empowering and informative birth stories as well as her online evidence-based childbirth course called Know Your Options. Bryn is also the author of The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Handbook: A Week-by-Week Guide from Conception through Baby’s First 3 Months and co-Author of Essential Pregnancy Q&A: Expert Answers and Advice for Every Stage of Your Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey. Bryn lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Richard and their three young kids.

Connect with Bryn:

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