Tensegrity – what is it & how does it help us become more resilient? Webinar with Christine Wushke

Check out Christine’s courses on the EkhartYoga Academy: Myofascial Yoga for Stress Reduction program: Tensegrity is a term combining the words ‘tension’ and ‘integrity’, originally used to describe a structure held in place by tensile and compressive forces. In the human body, it refers to the balance of tension and compression to create strength and stability. The idea is that when tension and compression are in balance, our energy can be used optimally and efficiently and, in turn, this supports our mental and physical resilience. In this fascinating webinar, Christine explains how we can apply and embody the concepts of tensegrity to our practice, through mindful movement and breath awareness. She’ll also share why myofascial yoga isn’t a style but an approach – one which brings together anatomy,


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