Teaching yoga functionally! Webinar with José de Groot

Would you like to teach your students how to listen to their own bodies and learn cues to encourage them to experiment with pose variations so that they can find what works for them? As yoga teachers, our job is not just to guide our students through a well-rounded practice. It’s also to encourage them to get in touch with their own sensations and build a functional and sustainable practice that suits their individual needs. In short – enable them to be their own best teacher. In this webinar, José will share the best cues to invite your students to experiment with different Yin and Yang pose variations, and how to give specific adjustment cues without making your student/s feel that they are ‘doing it wrong’. Check out José’s courses on the EkhartYoga Academy: This webinar was streamed LIVE on 31 January 2023. Sign up to the Ekh


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