Teaching Yin Yoga – Webinar with José de Groot

Check out José’s courses on the EkhartYoga Academy: Have you ever been curious about the differences between Yin Yoga and other styles? Would you like to start teaching Yin Yoga or broaden your teaching skills? José de Groot, our expert Yin teacher, will discuss the essence and purpose of Yin Yoga. She’ll share ideas and sequencing themes and reflect on differences between sequencing Yin and Yang classes. She’ll also dive into what specifically makes a class Yin and answer any questions you have about practicing or teaching Yin Yoga. This webinar was streamed LIVE on 12 October 2021. Sign up to the EkhartYoga Academy newsletter to keep up to date on future live webinars and offers: 00:00 – Intro 00:43 – Webinar 30:42 – Q&A – – – – – – – – – – Become an EkhartYoga member! – 14 day free trial Explore yoga and medita


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