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Sarvottam Kundalini Breathwork

Kundalini Pranayama -Breathwork Series

What is Kundalini Pranayama ?

Pranayama for cleansing Chakra and awakening Kundalini.

Sarvottam Kundalini Breathwork

Sarvottam Kundalini Breathwork Series is designed to awaken your subtle energy system practicing series of Pranayama. Kundalini Pranayama Transcendental Breathwork consist of therapeutic and powerful breathing techniques which is a mix of high pressure active breathing, Chakra Breathing, Shamanic breathing, Kriya, intense retention practices, Breathing Asana and Mudras.

Benefits of Kundalini Breathwork:
▪ Awaken Kundalini Shakti, Psychological wisdom
▪ Activates your parasympathetic nervous system
▪ Releases mental, physical, and emotional stress and trauma
▪ Boosts immunity and Boosts longevity
▪ Activates your heart center
▪ Activates your pineal gland

Things to Remember:
1. Be on an empty stomach/light stomach
2. Wear loose clothing
3. Use your headsets
4. Make yourself comfortable using a pillow, blanket, mattress.
5. Be in a quiet place without any disturbance.
6. Keep a bottle of water & tissues/napkins handy

On the Occasion of International Yoga Day 21st June- 2021.

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Kundalini Pranayama Breathwork techniques series are very practical and known as self realization technique, though this practices you can illuminates your whole existence. You can work on your body, organ, nerves and entire subtle body.

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