Release jaw and throat tension with Monkey Face pose! Yin Yoga from EkhartYoga In this tutorial, José de Groot explains how to practice Monkey Face Pose, plus its benefits and function. This fairly unknown pose is great for releasing tension in the jaw, and stretching and opening up the throat, neck and glands (including the salivary, thyroid and parathyroid glands.) Monkey Face, in combination with Graceful Bow (a neck stretch), can also help stimulate fascia release in your ears and all the way up into your brain! José shares various adaptations for you to try and encourages you to experiment with different variations to see if that helps you to get the required stimulation. You might like a cushion or pillow to sit on. Check out José’s Yin Anatomy teacher training on the EkhartYoga Academy: – – – – – – – – – – Become an EkhartYoga member! – 14 day free trial Explore yoga and meditation classes from Esther Ekhart and other expert yoga tea


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