Registration is OPEN for Intention Factor® Programming!

In this vid, I’m quickly explaining the four different tracks I offer in my Intention Factor® Programming (see below). Programming is subscription based, charged every six weeks at $44.99 and registration closes on July 9th at 11:59pm EST. Join here: Posture – Best place to go to set a solid foundation, this programming focuses on posterior chain strength, core integration (with pelvic floor education) and mindfulness/postural awareness. You’ll also learn how to assess your own posture! Ideal for people who are either brand new to working out, or people who have worked out for ages but keep finding themselves continually injured. Glute: Ideal for people needing a complement to their current workouts, or for someone who has “graduated” from the Posture Program, or for someone who is solely interested in aesthetics and looking for glute gains. Fitness: This is a comprehensive workout program that includes cardio as well. Best for


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