Reconnecting with joy and love – Webinar with Chalotte Fruergaard

Check out Chalotte’s course on the EkhartYoga Academy: Do you sometimes feel lonely, even in the company of other people? Have you lost confidence in yourself and others? Would your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) benefit from a boost of joy? The lack of social interaction most of us have experienced in the past couple of years has been challenging. Reconnecting with our peers, partners and ourselves is even more challenging for those of us who struggle to establish true connection and trust in the first place. In this webinar Chalotte Fruergaard will share ideas to help you boost the feelings of joy and love in your life – starting with yourself. This webinar was streamed LIVE on 14th June 2022. Sign up to the EkhartYoga Academy newsletter to keep up to date on future live webinars and offers: 00:00 – Intro 05:41 – Mindfulness exercise 10:11 – Webinar 31:25 – Q&A


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