Pure Beginner: Lesson #1 of 6 Yoga for 100% Beginners – Jumpstart Your Yoga Practice Safely at Home

Yoga for Beginners – This video features the 1st video of my Pure Beginner series. These beginner yoga classes are designed for Real People with ZERO Yoga Experience. Learn Yoga Fundamentals at home for all shapes and sizes. ♥ GET ALL 6 VIDEOS: Have you tried beginner yoga videos in the past and felt COMPLETELY LOST?! Or screamed, “My body doesn’t DO that!” It’s not you! The majority of “beginner” yoga videos aren’t designed for total newbies who’ve never set foot on a yoga mat. This unique series, compiled from 5 years of feedback from over 100,000 beginner students, has been designed by Brett to make yoga accessible to people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their age, flexibility or athletic ability. – See each yoga pose broken down and explained before every class (LEARN before you DO) – Features real students who’ve never done yoga before, just like YOU! – Walk away understanding the breath, alignment and names of yoga’s basic postures


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