Power Yoga Flow!

The feeling of a strong, cardiovascular power yoga flow is one of the most wonderfully euphoric feels there is, and this 30 minute total body yoga flow really delivers! Work out and work in with this strong, steady meditative power yoga class to work out stress, invigorate and calm your heart and mind. Bio hack your meditation practice and take it to the next level with the Muse S and take 20% your here: 💫💫💫 May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful, and Free 💫💫💫 Michelle Goldstein is a co-founder of Heart Alchemy Yoga, one of Southern California’s fastest-growing yoga and wellness YouTube channels. She leads power yoga workshops, immersions, and retreats worldwide. Known for her creative vinyasas (sequences of yoga asana) and pranayama, Michelle’s teaching integrates various forms of movement and meditation set to powerfully inspiring backdrops of music. Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence fo


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