Power Yoga Essentials 10 Day Power Yoga Challenge ~ Day 6

Welcome to Heart Alchemy’s Power Yoga Essentials 10 Day Power Yoga Challenge! Click here to sign up for the challenge: It’s Day 6 of Power Yoga Essentials 10 Day Yoga Challenge and we hope you’re feeling amazing! Who knew there were so many ways to experience power yoga essentials? This power yoga flow is 30 minutes of classic power yoga poses fueled with mindfulness, love and joyful exploration. Are you enjoying the strength, stability, clarity and opening you’re creating with Power Yoga Essentials? Drop us a comment and let us know! In this 10 Day Power Yoga Essentials series invites you to challenge yourself, as you will find essential practices, strong flows, and deep breathing exercises to increase your overall well-being. This challenge is perfect for beginners and expert yogis all around, full of mindfulness, flexibility, strengthening and stretching. Be ready to fully relax and ground your mind during this 10 d


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