Power Yoga Essentials 10 Day Power Yoga Challenge ~ Day 10

Day 10 Heart Alchemy’s Power Yoga Essentials 10 Day Power Yoga Challenge! Click here to sign up for the challenge: Congratulations! Your consistency and dedication in showing up for yourself for 10 days of yoga In a row is an inspiration to us all. Following through with a 10 Day Power Yoga Challenge takes courage and commitment! Today we finish our 10 day power yoga essentials journey with a strong, creative, heartfelt power yoga flow. We at Heart Alchemy Yoga celebrate your effort, devotion, diligent work and willingness to keep moving onward and upward with those sweet intentions of yours! Much love and please drop a comment letting us know you’ve completed the challenge. In this 10 Day Power Yoga Essentials series invites you to challenge yourself, as you will find essential practices, strong flows, and deep breathing exercises to increase your overall well-being. This challenge is perfect for beginners and expert


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