Morning POWER Yoga ☀️ 30 min Intermediate Yoga

Rise and shine with this intermediate morning power yoga class for energy and vitality. ⚡️ SPECIAL OFFER 👉 EPIC YOGA BUNDLE 😍 Get 60+ yoga programs: Set an intention for the day ahead with this 30 minute powerful morning yoga class! This is an intermediate morning yoga sequence to wake you up with energy and vitality. This is a great class to build strength in your core, shoulders and upper back. Rest assured we’ll also have plenty of opportunity to get some deep stretches in as well. We’ll go through poses like tiger, half dolphin, pigeon pose, locust and bridge before settling into some reclined hip openers. No props are required but you could always have a few blocks if you’d like! ✅ SUBSCRIBE TO SUPPORT FREE YOGA ON THE INTERNET 🔔 Don’t forget to click on the bell to turn on post notifications! Thanks for watching, Kassandra
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