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Meditation at Home: Best Meditation Props of 2022

Coping with the stress of the previous few years combined with the worries of everyday, post-pandemic life can be exhausting. However, meditating in the comfort of your own home with some supportive yoga props can help to significantly enhance your practice, all while in a familiar, comforting environment.

Considering the benefits of meditation include a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression, it’s no wonder why expert yogis and beginners alike are choosing to incorporate meditation into their everyday routine. Whether it’s first thing on a morning or a gentle evening practice before bed, the pandemic has meant that, as well as adopting simple acts of mindfulness, an increasing number of individuals and yoga practitioners have made it their mission to incorporate meditation into their routines and create a space of relaxation in their own homes.

However, meditation can be challenging to master, as the initial difficulty of focusing the mind combined with sitting still in the same place for a fairly long period can be tedious for those not familiar with taking mindful movements day to day. However, this is where meditation props can prove to be incredibly useful. Mediation props help those looking to incorporate more mindfulness in their lives maintain a strong posture and perform poses more effectively, resulting in an increased focus and making for a more engaging, successful practice overall.

Whether you want to create a blissful sanctuary in the comfort of your own home with meditation props that will compliment your home decor, or you’re hoping to use meditation equipment to improve your focus and deepen your commitment, this guide will answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to meditation at home. Keep reading as we walk you through our best meditation props for 2022 to support your routine, including zaful cushions, blankets and more.

How to meditate at home

What are the steps to meditating at home?

When it comes to meditating at home, the amount of potential distractions can prevent individuals from taking time out to meditate. However, if you seek out a calming space away from these distractions and start by incrementing small, mindful moments, you’ll find that it will eventually become part of a full meditation routine. Similar to most yoga routines, meditation requires practice and focus, but there are a few simple steps you can take that can help you relax and unwind into your flow.

  1. Find a space in your own home that you’ll feel the most comfortable practicing in, which will allow you to relax much easier, making for a more fulfilling practice overall. Preferably, the area will need to be quiet and any distractions should be out of sight. Over time, you can create a calming, decorative space with various meditation props.
  2. Once you have settled on a designated space, choose a sitting position that works best for you. In a class setting, an instructor might want their students to sit in a specific way. But at home, you’ll have the freedom to sit however you want, whether that be cross legged, kneeling or even lying down, as long as you can rest comfortably in that position for the duration of your practice.
  3. Staying focused throughout meditation means becoming accustomed to notice when your mind has wandered, which will come gradually with practice and patience. If you become distracted, don’t be too harsh on yourself or become frustrated. Instead, stay calm and regain your focus on your breath before slowly returning to the relaxed state you were in.
  4. You should not attempt to end the practice suddenly. Give yourself a moment to come to before making any instant movements. Stay in the moment, pay attention to any noises around you, as well as your own emotional and physical state, before slowly getting up.

Can I practice meditation on my own?

Recently, there has been a noticeable rise in individuals practicing meditation at home. However, particularly for beginners who may have previously attended classes or are just starting their journey, doing meditation without the guidance of an in-person instructor can appear daunting at first.

But, despite the fact that practicing meditation alone might feel overwhelming, the added silence, ability to fit the practice around your own schedule and the rewarding feeling of teaching yourself something new will likely outweigh the benefits of an in-person class. Meditation at home also has the added benefit of saving you both the time and cost that would otherwise be involved with commuting to and from the class.

A common form of home practice, during unguided meditation, you’re in control of setting your own intentions and focus for the session, which provides complete freedom and means you can be assured that you’re getting what you’re hoping to gain from the practice. But if you prefer a guided routine, which might be useful for beginners, there are many online resources available.

How do I start daily meditation?

Whether you’re at home or in a class, the commitment of meditating on a daily basis can seem daunting. However, once implemented as part of your routine, it should be much easier to commit to, and getting to that stage isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. Particularly when you begin to notice the positive effects that it can have on your physical and emotional health.

To get started, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable, which is where our meditation equipment becomes useful. Ranging from supportive yoga bolsters to relaxing eye masks, cosy blankets and more, our props are designed to promote a tranquil space that you can use to escape the stress of each day, or to prepare yourself for the day ahead with a calming mindset.

Here are a few pieces of advice that can help you commit to a routine:

  • Start at a shorter time – this might be around 5 to 10 minutes before gradually increasing it, rather than going for a longer period, such as half an hour, straight away. As your focus improves over time, you could extend the time to 30 minutes. But if you find a shorter period works for you, you’ll still receive the benefits of a regular practice.
  • Be patient – if you have a lot on your mind, you might feel too stressed to meditate. Give yourself some time to focus, but don’t force yourself to get into the right mood for the practice straight away, as if you’re unable to do this, it can lead to feelings of frustration.
  • Find a good time to practice – if you’re practicing at home and not in a class, you’ll have the freedom to find the time of day that works for you, particularly if you’re working from home. It’s worth experimenting to find a time that will work alongside your schedule.
  • Turn to the internet – find guided meditation videos on YouTube, to podcasts and apps promoting calming sounds such as rainfall, white noise, nature sounds and much more.

The Best Meditation Props & Equipment

To help guide and support your home meditation, the experts at Yogamatters have compiled a list of the best at home meditation equipment for 2022. When used correctly, these can assist and advance your daily practice, and will hopefully allow for a successful and fulfilling routine.












Yogamatters Luxury Meditation Kit – £140.00 

Providing all the essentials for your sacred space, including a zabuton, meditation cushion, scented eye pillow and blanket, our luxury meditation kit is ideal for those looking to commit to a meditation practice in the comfort of their own home and create a calm, serene corner. Featuring luxurious props made from organic cotton, the kit provides the perfect equipment and accessories for eco conscious yogis to add to their home interiors with the environment in mind.

Yogamatters Om Tingsha – £22

A unique meditation prop, our Yogamatters Om Tingshas are also available in medium (£28.00) and large (£30.00). Recognised as a form of sound therapy, these will help to encourage focus. To use, simply strike the two pieces attached to the string together. This will create a pleasing sound vibration that can be used to cleanse and engage the mind both before and after meditation. Hand cast by Tibetan artists, this prop can be doubled as a space clearing tool.














Mala Collective Mala’s – £109.00 – £125.00

With deep roots in spirituality, Mala’s can help you focus your energy during meditation and stay true to the goals and intentions that you set for the session. Each piece of jewellery within the Mala range holds a different spiritual significance, which means that you can choose the one you’re most drawn to from the collection. Featuring a Mala that promotes courage, one that encourages strength and many more, these are not only attractive but serve an important purpose, which is to help you gain more out of your meditation, manifesting your needs and goals. A must-have prop for 2022, it’s important to wear your Mala throughout the day to act as a reminder of your intentions, as well as helping to promote a positive, tranquil state of being.

This Mala has 108 beads which has limitless meanings across various philosophical, scientific, and religious beliefs. Using a Mala during meditation is a great way to increase focus. 

  1. Hold your mala in your right hand, place  between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead (the 109th bead – this will noticeably stand out on most Malas, usually placed above the tassel). 
  2. Use your thumb to count each of the 108 beads. You may choose to just count or perhaps choose a mantra that you recite with every bead. Do this for all 108 beads, working your way around the mala, until you land on the 109th (Guru Bead).












Yogamatters Organic Cotton Chambray Yoga Blanket – £40.00

An ideal addition to your meditation space at home, our organic cotton yoga blanket is available in an assortment of stylish two-tone designs, providing an elegant addition to your home decor. The ideal meditation accessory to promote relaxation within your own sacred space, this cosy yoga blanket is designed to promote optimum warmth and comfort throughout your practice. 

Highly versatile, the blanket doubles as a supportive prop, as it can be rolled or folded to support a variety of asanas. And, crafted from 100% organically grown cotton, it’s both ethically sourced and sustainably certified, providing the perfect alternative for eco conscious yogis.














Spritz Wellness Liberty Print Aromatherapy Eye Mask – £40.00

Also available in Strawberry Thief, this striking caesar blue eye mask from Spritz Wellness is an essential piece of equipment that will allow you to get the most out of your meditation. Providing complete cover over your eyes, it will instantly limit distractions, allowing you to focus deeply on the intentions of the practice, and is filled with a removable lavender sachet to aid relaxation.

Ideal for use after a long day, this soothing eye mask can be heated in the microwave for 15 seconds to help relieve sore or tired eyes. Alternatively, it can be used at the start of the day to awaken your senses by being placed in a sealed bag in the freezer for around 30 to 60 minutes before you come to use it. And the included drawstring bag makes it ideal for on-the-go use, whether you’re heading to class or have a long train journey ahead and simply need some rest.














Yogamatters Hemp Eye Pillow – £12.00

One of the best affordable props for relaxation in 2022 an eye pillow is the perfect prop for a Yoga Nidra practice or a Sound Bath Meditation. The Yogamatters Hemp Eye Pillow is designed to elevate relaxation during meditation, our eye pillows feature natural linseed and are scented with lavender to promote ultimate calmness and tranquility throughout your practice. Prompted by the gentle weight of the linseed, the pillows are made to help the muscles around the eyes relax, while the pleasing scent both encourages rest and aids sleep.

Environmentally friendly and durable, the upper part is crafted from 100% eco-friendly hemp, while the bottom is made using organic cotton, making it another go-to choice for eco conscious yoga practitioners. And the hemp becomes softer with gradual use, creating an even more calming experience. 












MOA By the Light of the Moon Moonlight Candle – £30.00

This tranquil moonlight candle from MOA is scented with an appealing blend of lunar herbs including white sage, jasmine, camphor and myrrh, which are all intended to calm your mind during meditation and cleanse your sacred space, with each scent serving its own spiritual purpose. Featuring plant-based natural waxes combined with a relaxing mixture of essential oils, this soothing meditation candle provides the perfect way to wind down. And when lit, the prop will create a serene environment by displaying flattering shadows on the walls of the room from the illuminated illustrations on the glassware.

Best Meditation Cushions of 2022

Designed to provide support and improve your posture during meditation, our collection of meditation cushions feature a wide range of Zafus, Zabutons and Bolsters. Available in a selection of appealing patterns, styles and colours, these will create a visually appealing meditation space. However, if you’re not sure whether this prop is right for you, read on to learn the purpose of each yoga cushion, as well as how it can potentially benefit your daily practice. 














Yogamatters Organic Cotton Chambray Zafu Meditation Cushion – £35.00

A bestseller at Yogamatters, our pleated Zafu meditation cushion will allow you to meditate in complete comfort. The ideal supportive prop to assist a lotus pose, our Zafu allows you to sit cross legged in comfort, while the height makes it comfortable for knees and ankles. However, some buckwheat filling can be removed if required. Available in three muted pastel shades, this sustainable meditation accessory, which features compostable packaging, doubles as an attractive piece of decor, blending seamlessly in interiors.











Yogamatters Sparkle Geometric Small Rectangular Buckwheat Bolster – £35.00

If you prefer a statement prop that will compliment more striking interiors, our patterned yoga cushion includes a bold geometric style featuring an uplifting range of colours, making it the perfect addition to your collection of other supportive props. Built to withstand the test of time, this durable accessory has been made using Jacquard fabric, which is resistant to a number of common signs of wear and tear, such as fading and fraying. Offering width and a flat surface for supine (lying) postures, this prop provides strong support for the back, while it can also be positioned to raise the hips during poses. And the convenient handle makes it ideal for taking from A to B.










Yogamatters Hemp Zabuton – £70.00

Finally, our Hemp Zabuton’s are ideal for placing under one of our Zafu’s, which will give your feet and ankles extra warmth and protection from cold or hard flooring during meditation, providing a comfortable base. Featuring plenty of support, the cushion is filled with a hollow polyester fibre. And crafted using hemp, a versatile, sustainable material, which slowly becomes softer with use, this environmentally friendly prop is complete with a minimalist design that will fit seamlessly within your interiors, particularly in a home that follows a contemporary, rustic style.

Shop Meditation Props for Home Meditation

Hopefully, this guide has allowed you to become more confident about meditating at home and helped you find the perfect meditation props for 2022. From relaxing eye masks and blankets to durable Zafu’s and Bolsters, shop our restorative props for your sacred space at Yogamatters. 

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