Let’s Make Green Bean Salad

Fresh from my Aunt and Uncle’s garden. Eating with the seasons is so fun and healthy and puts you in that circle of ayurveda life.  Let’s Make Green Bean Salad  You’ll Need 2 Cups Green Beans, chopped 2 Potatoes, chopped 1 Cucumber, chopped 1 Bell Pepper, chopped 1 Lime, squeezed 1 Head of Garlic Handful of Greens 1/4 cup Mayo 1 Tablespoon Mustard 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil Now What Chop everything Sauté Garlic in oil or butter, set aside Mix Garlic, Mayo, Mustard and Olive Oil Combine everything  Mix it up Set it in the Fridge for a bit Enjoy! #greenbeansalad #vegetarianrecipe #veganrecipe #pasta #makeyourownrulescookbook #cleanmindcleanbody #greenbeans


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