Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Calling All Care Givers, Teachers, and Anyone Interested in Helping Children – I’m excited to lead a Kids Yoga Training that’s mostly about helping care givers and teachers take good care of themselves first, and from here we get to the details of how to lead a kids class. How you are matters, and the kiddos really feel it.
Strala Online 100+Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training
This is your Early-Bird Registration for the Strala Online 100+Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Live sessions are from October 8 to 14, 2022. All our sessions are saved, so once we begin, you can get started whenever you like. Strala has been sharing yoga with hundreds of thousands of kids in schools, studios, and homes all around the world, including through our partnerships with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and BOKS. In this training we’ll share our uniquely-special approach with you, giving all the foundations, skill-sets, and sequences you need for your own practice, as well as for leading kids


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