Kids Yoga all about BUGS! 🐜🐞🕷🐝🐛

It’s all about the BUGS in this compilation of awesome yoga videos for kids! We’ve got ants 🐜, stick bugs, spiders 🕷& bees 🐝 all ready to help us enjoy stretching & moving our bodies and looking after our minds as well! Let me know how you get on in the comments below and share the fun with the #cosmickidsyoga 0:00 Stella the Stick Insect | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! – We meet Stella the Stick Insect who is due to be going to the Bug Ball! She’s just not feeling very confident about being herself – so we help her relax and find her light shining inside! 20:06 Arnold the Ant | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! – In this short and sweet adventure we learn about Arnold the Ant’s very big dreams! And that even though he may be small, it’s still important to dream big! 29:46 Enzo the Bee | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! – We help the brilliant worker bee, Enzo go the extra mile to find the best pollen for his honey! 🍯 If he wins the honey competition he stands to win the love


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