Holiday Rescue: Weights Workout with Heather – Hit the Weights

Happy Holiday! Welcome to your FREE Holiday Rescue Sessions! Yes – we are on day 2 but you can catch up by clicking the link below! FREE YOGA and WORKOUTS coming your way! All classes will be available here for you to watch and practice as many times as you like until Jan 7, 2023 Let me introduce Heather! She’s one of the teacher’s at the club. She’s originally from Brooklyn, New York and have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Her style of teaching is all about having fun, training hard and to challenge you so you leave the class feeling fit and fierce. If you like yoga and love weight training then Heathers classes are the perfect combo for you. Strength training is crucial for maintaining muscle mass and healthy bones. Strong is healthy so grab your hand weights and meet me on the mat for a fun, challenging and sweaty practice! Todays Class: December 25 Weights Workout with Heather – Hit the weights and start your transformation in no time! Go here for all the cl


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