Help, my child won’t go to sleep! Webinar with Tracey Uber Cook

“Yoga-based tools for kids, parents and educators” course is now available on the EkhartYoga Academy: Are you the parent of a young child who is struggling to get to sleep at night? Are you finding it difficult to incorporate an effective evening routine? Or have bedtimes become a battleground? If so, join Tracey Uber Cook for some practical, yoga-based techniques and suggestions that will help you to stay calm when dealing with your defiant / frustrated / exhausted child at bedtime. You’ll also come away with some unique tips and insights to help you settle your child’s overactive and over-stimulated system so they are able to relax and go to sleep. Tracey Uber Cook is an internationally recognised yoga and meditation teacher, with over two decades of experience helping adults and children maintain joy and wellbeing. She is also a mother to two teenagers, a Queensland Program Leader for Yoga Tools for Schools and a facilitat


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