Hatha Flow Yoga For Beginners (30-min) Discover the Hatha Yoga Style (All Levels) Full Class

Discover Hatha yoga! Today’s 30 minute full class is ideal for beginners and those of you looking for a more mindful practice. We’ll strengthen and stretch the body, holding each pose for several breaths. Hatha yoga tends to be gentler and slower-paced than a Vinyasa or Power style class (the type of yoga which we’ll explore tomorrow). If you’re new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or are looking to de-stress by moving slowly and mindfully, this style of yoga may be the perfect fit for you. Optional Props: Two Yoga Blocks. 📘FREE BEGINNER YOGA GUIDE 💎CHAKRA CHALLENGE ✨ONLINE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ??Questions?? Join my Private Facebook Group to ask & I’ll answer Hatha Flow Yoga Perfect For Beginners. Together, Let’s Discover the Hatha Yoga Style in this 30 minute Full Class ♥ BEGINNER YOGA CLASSES: http:/


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