Full Body Yoga – Total Body Stretch Routine for Joy, Bliss, & Feeling Good || 20 mins

This full body yoga stretch flow was designed as a way to make sure we can feel good, happy, joy, and just overall great. What is great about yoga, stretching, and exercising in general is it can also keep us flexible, strong, and our bodies more mobile. Deep stretching combined with breath work, and instruction of yoga always helps to have a more focused and concentrated workout. Yoga alone can leave you feeling peaceful, healthy, and ready for anything the day can bring you, and when combined with other exercise or stretch routines, you can really unlock a world of healing, feeling good, and becoming strong! Working out, exercising, stretching, and even yoga provide many healthful benefits, and this short, beginner friendly, total body stretch can really change your day so, unroll your mats with us as certified Yoga Instructor Nicolle Spohn leads this, restorative, healing, full body, deep morning stretch yoga class. ❤️ JOIN OUR YOGA & LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY ❤️ https://yo


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