Full Body Yoga for ANXIETY & STRESS – 30 min Relaxing, Calming, Yoga Stretch Exercises

This full body yoga stretch is designed as a way to calm and relax us in stressful or overwhelming situations. This 30 minute stretch routine is combined with yoga breathing exercises and can really help effect the way we manage our stress and anxiety and can also help us feel refreshed, calm, and like we have reset our bodies. Stretching in general offers many benefits such as leaving the body more flexible, strong, and balanced, and when we combine that with the calming, gentle breath work yoga has to offer, we can really unlock some new levels of relaxation, calmness, and stress management. Join us on your mat as certified yoga instructor Echo Widmer guides us through this quick, total body daily stretch workout. ❤️ JOIN OUR YOGA & LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY ❤️ 🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT – 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁 ✨ OFFICIAL YOGATX APPAREL ✨ 😍 NEW EXCL


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