Full Body Yoga – 20 min Total Body Stretch Flow to Relax, Reset, & Renew

This full body yoga stretch is a gentle and relaxing sequence that is beginner friendly, and still offers a deep stretch with many healthful benefits. This full, 20 minute yoga class offers breathing exercises, and a deep stretch routine that can really renew our entire bodies, leaving us feeling more relaxed, reset, and happy. If you have been searching for a stretch flow you can enjoy daily or weekly that helps relax, reset, and renew your body with an energetic boost and relaxing overall presence, this quick 20 minute yoga flow may be exactly what you need! Exercise, working out, doing cardio, weight training, etc has always been great for our bodies, and this deep yoga stretch flow is no exception. Yoga is often sought after to help relieve pain, tension, tightness in many areas of the body, and the yoga poses and stretch routine in this 20 minute workout may help you find some relief. Join us as certified yoga instructor Echo Widmer guides us through this quick, total body, d


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