Full Body Morning Yoga – Energizing, Short & Spicy, Total Body Deep Stretch Wake-Up Workout

This 20 minute full body yoga stretch is just a reminder that getting some movement, or a short workout in the morning, is always going to be a great way to start your day. The poses and flow in this deep stretch yoga session, although quick and only 20 mins, will get us heated, energized, and moving! Sometimes people come to yoga thinking it can help with pain or tensions we have in the body, or sometimes people come to yoga to experience a deep calming stretch that can help us feel flexible and strong, and while its true these are great benefits from yoga, THIS short full body workout can will focus on getting sweaty, burning calories & fat, and help us get a healthy dose of movement, strengthening, and cardio in our days. Join certified yoga instructor Cole Chance, as she leads this free beginners full body yoga class. ❤️ JOIN OUR YOGA & LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY ❤️ 🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT – 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁 ✨ OFFICI


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