From Broke Yoga Teacher To Mindful Millionaire | Daniel Rama

In this episode, you’ll learn how Daniel Rama went from “never being able to walk again” to, yoga influencer and mindful millionaire. Learn how you can do it too 👉 In this episode: – The biggest mistakes Daniel Rama made when starting as a yoga teacher online. – How he grew his IG to over a quarter million followers. – His  4-step hack to creating content faster and easier. – Rama’s Rules, which is the one principle that Rama has been following since day 1, which allowed him to go from eating peanut butter sandwiches daily  to making top 7-figures and traveling the world. “Making It” is a business podcast for creators and teachers in the wellness space. So if you are any  type of fitness, yoga, movement, or mindfulness coach, then this podcast is for you. You’ll learn how to  grow your business online from some of the best influencers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in this space. If you are any type of fitness, yoga or movement teacher and


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