Feeling Down? Bright Light Therapy Can Help! Carex Bright Light Classic Plus Review

Learn about the health benefits of Bright Light Therapy for improving mood & energy. ♥ Check out our app– YogaPlus for Android & Apple Start your FREE 2 Week Trial: ♥ Save 20% when you visit my sponsor, Carex: Holistic Health Coach, Corrina Rachel, explains how bright light therapy can help you sleep better and improve your overall mood. Big thanks to my sponsor, Carex- product shown in video: Bright Light Classic Plus Save 20% with code PSYCHE20 or just visit: ♥ Follow our Social Media #lighttherapy #sleep #PsycheTruth light therapy boxes, what is light therapy, medical grade bright light therapy, season affective disorder, SAD, therapy lamp, carex light therapy, full spectrum light, day light classic plus, how light therapy works


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