Evening Yoga Restorative Practice EkhartYoga

This restorative class with Johanna Lundqvist from EkhartYoga is a perfect evening practice to calm and ease both body and mind. Enjoy a week of Restorative Yoga in our latest program You’re invited to relax deeply and let go in each and every pose. Our focus will be on twisting to promote a healthy spine as well as aiding digestive support. Please have a bolster (or some firm pillows) and a couple of blocks ready for this practice. You can try more classes with Johanna as part of your free trial on EkhartYoga – – – – – – – – – – Become an EkhartYoga member! – 14 day free trial Explore yoga and meditation classes from Esther Ekhart and other expert yoga teachers. Choose from thousands of classes in different yoga styles. From mini-tutorials through to full length classes, for yoga beginners to advanced. Yoga teachers – take your training


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