Enter the 2023 Positively Unstoppable Challenge and Own Your Life

WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR 250K? 💎 💥 💵 🏆 I’m asking YOU to OWN YOUR LIFE! The Positively Unstoppable Challenge is a 6-month fitness and wellness journey where you’ll set custom goals, track your progress, and work toward improving your life. During the six months, you’ll document your journey with words, pics, and videos. The more you document, the better your chances to win! If we choose your story as a finalist, we’ll contact you for a live interview. 2023 Champions will get to meet Diamond Dallas Page at the DDP YOGA Performance Center in Smyrna, GA! One finalist will have the opportunity to win $250,000 with a guaranteed win of $25,000. Our other Champions will each receive prizes with values up to $10,000 this year! Are YOU POSITIVELY UNSTOPPABLE? PROVE IT! Register Today and Start Your 6-Month Challenge as soon as January 1st, 2023 at Enter The Challenge and New Members can Save 20% Off 1 Year App Subscriptions! 💎 💥


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