DIAMOND MIND YOGA – Yoga for Mental Clarity & Focus

Here’s a 30 min vinyasa yoga class to clear away brain fog with balancing poses and breathwork. 😍 The most ⚡️EPIC YOGA BUNDLE⚡️(time-sensitive)👉 🌿 My NEW BOOK is out! Get “Year of Yoga”📕👉 Hi everyone, thanks for joining me today! I’m excited to guide you through this 30 minute intermediate vinyasa yoga class that I’m calling DIAMOND MIND. This is all about sharpening your senses, clearing away brain fog and getting you to focus. If you have a hard time concentrating, I think you’ll find this class very beneficial. We’ll be doing this through some balancing poses, asymmetrical poses and breathwork (pranayama). There are some challenging poses and transitions in this class so remember to keep breathing, do your best and don’t take yourself too seriously! My dog Luna joins me for some of it 🙂 This is an intermediate yoga class and I’m not using any props. I really hope you enjoy this class and find it beneficia


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