DDPY Workout with DDP & Bron Breaker

Want to see how Diamond Dallas Page & WWE NXT’s Bron Breaker aka Bronson Steiner stay in shape and injury free? Here’s a full total body workout from our Live series coming straight from DDP’s Basement Series at the Recovery Crib. DDPY is not like traditional yoga. Instead it is a revolutionary approach to fitness that combines yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy, and dynamic resistance to create a workout that strengthens and lengthens ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The result is a full body workout that literally anyone can do that has minimal impact on your joints. It has helped thousands of people lose weight, decrease pain, and heal from injuries. These workouts are designed to remedy back pain, tight hips, neck stiffness, knee pain, mobility issues, ankle & foot problems, herniated / slipped disc pain, elbow pain, shoulder and rotator cuff pain, all while building strength and so much more… For more info and workouts, visit Follow our soci


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