Day 19 – Explore | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Your daily moves continue to connect and expand with day 19. This session is KEY for the MOVE Journey. Each day, a set up for the next. Remember, the process is the candy. Thank you for moving with me, in this way, during this time. I truly believe that through our regular exploration together we can find healing and create meaningful change inside ourselves and out in our communities. No doubt you are getting stronger and more curious as we move along. Let’s keep going. Let me know how it’s going in the comments below! Visit here for your daily message and more: – – – – – – – – – – πŸ–€ MOVE – Downloadable Collection 🀍 Based on requests from the community, we are excited to announce a downloadable version of MOVE. It is offered on a donation basis, so just pay what feels good! – – – – – – – – – – πŸ–€ WELCOME to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel! Our mission is to connect as ma


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