Create Full Body Flexibility With These 8 Online Yoga Classes

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Figuring out how to become flexible feels daunting for many people.

After sitting for eight hours straight at a desk or hunched over chasing your baby around all day, most find the goal of becoming flexible to be a distant dream. But you might be surprised to hear that a few quick flexibility classes could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Yes, that’s really it. Flexibility classes just might be your golden ticket to the age-old question about how to become flexible.

But how do you find these magical classes? Don’t worry . . . we’ve got you covered!

These 3 Online Yoga Classes Will Increase Your Full-Body Flexibility

Wondering How to Become Flexible? Practice These 8 Flexibility Classes for Alllllll the Flexibility Gains:

How to become flexible is no longer an unsolvable problem. Put on your stretchy pants and get ready to get bendy!


1. Full Body Flexibility

Full Body Flexibility
Full Body Flexibility
With Jess Rose
5 Classes | All Levels

Full Body Flexibility with Jess Rose is literally the flexibility class you’ve been waiting for. As the name implies, this five-class program truly creates full body flexibility.

This intelligent and intentional series breaks down the different parts of your body to explore yoga poses and stretches that target these specific areas while using props, breathing techniques, and more to globally deepen your flexibility.

2. Beginner Flexibility

Beginner Flexibility
Beginner Flexibility
With Alba Avella
30-Minute Class | Beginner

Beginner Flexibility with Alba Avella is an approachable, 30-minute, beginner yoga practice intended to help you work toward greater flexibility.

It’s the perfect building block for beginners trying to figure out how to become flexible. Targeting the shoulders and hamstrings, this class offers you various expressions and modifications of each pose so you can return back to it to gauge your progress.

3. Flexibility & Mobility

Flexibility & Mobility
Flexibility & Mobility
With Kelly Pender
6 Classes | All Levels

Flexibility & Mobility with Kelly Pender is a six-class program specifically created to teach you how to become flexible and mobile. This program is geared towards yogis who have an established practice and want to deepen their full-body flexibility.

These flexibility classes each target a key part of your body (from your shoulders to your hamstrings and everything in between) to improve flexibility and mobility via poses and intentional exercises.

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4. Flexibility Flow

Flexibility Flow
Flexibility Flow
With Chelsea Ortega
30-minutes Class | All Levels

Flexibility Flow with Chelsea Ortega is a quick, 30-minutes, all-levels practice designed to quickly get your flexibility flowing as you stretch and decompress.

Reverse the effects of your desk job or just plain old tension in your body with this feel-good practice that focuses on stretches and poses to lengthen your muscles, release tension, and open you up completely.

5. Hip Opening Flow

Hip Opening Flow
Hip Opening Flow
With Ashton August
39-Minute Class | All Levels

Inevitably, we all store tension in our hips. Luckily, Hip Opening Flow with Ashton August can help to relieve some of that gripping tension by creating flexibility and both physical and energetic release around your pelvic girdle.

This 39-minute, all-levels flow will have you walking off your mat feeling like new!

6. Open Heart

Open Heart
Open Heart
With Leah Sugerman
4 Classes | Intermediate

Probably the most popular type of flexibility classes, backbending practices make everyone feel great. They open your heart physically and emotionally to make you feel energized and unbarred.

The four-class program Open Heart with yours truly 🙂 is a playful exploration of classic backbends and unique variations to help you gain greater spinal and shoulder flexibility and mobility.

7. Prep for Splits

Prep for Splits
Prep for Splits
With Courtney Sheber
30-Minute Class | Intermediate

When you think about how to become flexible, you probably dream of sliding gracefully into full Splits. Splits are probably the quintessential mascot for full body flexibility because they require so many joints to seamlessly work together flexibly.

Most think that Splits are a distant, distant dream but Prep for Splits with Courtney Sheber will likely change your mind about that!

Splits are attainable and this workshop-style, 30-minute practice will guide you through stretches, warm-ups, and breathwork to guide you effortlessly into the elusive Splits.

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8. Stretch and Strengthen

Stretch and Strengthen
Stretch and Strengthen
With Denelle Numis
30-minutes Class | Intermediate

Stretching is fantastic in its own right. But stretching isn’t worth much if you don’t have the strength to support your mobility!

Stretch and Strengthen with Denelle Numis is the perfect mix of both worlds! Learn how to use your strength in order to get a deeper, safer stretch in this 30-minute flexibility class.

In this practice, you’ll mindfully explore strengthening yoga poses that also increase your overall flexibility. It’s a win-win!

How to Become Flexible No Longer Feels so Elusive With These Flexibility Classes

Flexibility classes are the perfect practice to help you learn how to become flexible – even if you’re starting from scratch!

As with any flexibility practice, it’s important to stay committed. Take these classes regularly to safely and effectively gain full body flexibility.

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