Connection and Joy: Yin Yoga and Fire element webinar with José de Groot

Check out José’s courses on the EkhartYoga Academy: Do you lack enthusiasm for what you usually enjoy? Are you having a hard time connecting with people? Do you turn over future events in your head at night? Or have you been ‘All work No Play’ for the past few months (or years;))? Join José de Groot to learn some tips, Yin poses and acupressure points to regulate your Fire energy before the heat of Summer kicks in. Summer is ruled by the Fire energy, which is linked to the Heart, Small intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater meridians. The Heart is said to be home to the Shen – our Soul – and a well-balanced Fire energy is at the root of love and compassion, as well as our ability to share, communicate and follow our own path. In Chinese Medicine, our thoughts and emotions are said to arise in the Heart, so tending to your Fire energy will also help you connect with your truth and cultiv


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