Center – Day 30 – Return

Here we are, at the end of the journey. For our final CENTER session – I invite you to practice alongside me, and thousands of others in the same moment in a new way. What does that mean? It means, you won’t follow my verbal instruction today, nor should you feel the need to match my moves. *You are the leader today. I am your friend practicing at my own pace alongside. This session is different – and yet, in my mind, the perfect way to seal our journey. Use the vocabulary you have to show up, to shift, to root, to flow and find a big hug. Use this session to listen, to rinse, unwind, stretch, be kind. Enjoy the opportunity to connect to your heart, your corazón. Find your gaze, cultivate play, explore and restore! And with pleasure, find freedom, melt, move and align with what matters most.. The goal of this session is not for our practice to match – but for us to celebrate our connectedness through our individuality and truth. Set the intention to return to center. That


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