Center – Day 23 – Soar | Yoga With Adriene

This is a shorter practice that invites you to connect to courage on the mat. Through my yoga I have learned how to make courage a daily practice. This feels like utmost importance for me and the way I want to show up for myself, my community and the world. This session builds strength throughout the backside of the body, as well as tones and strengthens the abdomen. It’s also practices like these that are designed to support you in not just surviving, but to support you in the belief of yourself. Remember, this is a come-as-you-are situation. No need to have the energy or be in the mood. Get to the mat, and together, we will move through it. Let me know how you are feeling in the comment section below! READ MORE ON TODAY’S THEME at SIGN UP at to receive the full program and other free goodies, delivered to your inbox! – – – – – – – – – – ❤️ WELCOME to the Yoga With Adriene


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