Center – Day 21 – Strength | Yoga With Adriene

Today is about celebrating the physical, mental and emotional conditioning you have cultivated and experienced thus far. By now you may have noticed the ways in which some of the poses are starting to feel different. There are days where your body is tired. Those days will exist and it is on those days we ask the mind to focus and be strong. On other days you will notice poses that were once unstable and shall we say humbling – are now sturdier, engaged with a greater sense of ease. The body feels stronger. The strength may also come from having the courage to know when to rest. This is when our emotional state takes priority and is considered. It is important to remember the strength comes from showing up. Not from any one singular approach but from a commitment to cultivate a regular or daily practice of centering. Let me know how you are feeling in the comment section below! READ MORE ON TODAY’S THEME at SIGN UP at https


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