Center – Day 13 – Trust

One of the biggest practices that my relationship with yoga has shined such a light on is the practice of learning and embodying trust. I believe it is at this point in the 30-day journey where it is valuable to shine a little light on how powerful our relationship with trust is. And perhaps maybe take a little stock in a safe space to do so. Are you able to relax your shoulders, your drive to accomplish, your habit of self-judgment today – and trust the process more? Today we will play with some fun breathwork and for the rest of the journey you will see practices that average 20 min in length – with shorter practices in the coming days to support you in keeping up this good work, a new habit perhaps that will serve you for the rest of your days. If you have the time, let me know how you are feeling in the comment section below! READ MORE ON TODAY’S THEME at SIGN UP at to receive the ful


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