Center – Day 1 – Show Up

**The most valuable part of a centering practice is the courageous act of showing up.** This series may look like a lot of core strengthening exercises, moves for a healthy spine, good lymphatic flow, releasing tension and decreasing chronic pain. But, it is truly about learning and knowing who you are. And perhaps you will never know the power of this 30 days of centering with me, unless that is You Show Up. Happy day 1! Check it off on your calendar when complete and I will see you again tomorrow! Visit the Community Page to connect and read a daily message from me: SIGN UP at to receive the full program, delivered to your inbox! This includes your free downloadable CENTER calendar with practice times so you can plan ahead. It also includes a daily message from me to help you ask questions, stay motivated, and go deeper in your practice. – – – – – – – – – – ❤️ WELCOME to the Yog


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