Center – Day 0 – Welcome

Find your Center. Today is orientation day! Let’s call this Day 0. A clean slate. Are you ready? This is the day to get yourself oriented. Set yourself up for the next 30 days. Soak in your intentions and prepare for this journey designed to support whole body mental health! It’s also a chance to gather any props (nothing fancy, you can get creative!) and invite any friends or family to join you. You are here for the LIVE rollout of this 30-Day Yoga Journey. So please note that videos will upload at 12am CT (that’s midnight Texas time y’all) SIGN UP at to receive the full program, delivered to your inbox! This includes your free downloadable CENTER calendar with practice times so you can plan ahead. It also includes a daily message from me to help you ask questions, stay motivated, and go deeper in your practice. Visit the Community Page to connect and read more: – – – – – – – –


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