Bursting with Excitement Yoga Club 🎉 (Week 73) | Cosmic Kids Yoga

As Christmas comes closer and the excitement builds, it can sometimes get a little too much. This weeks Yoga Club teaches us how to manage those big feelings and chill out. 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: ⭐ Subscribe to the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel: Included in this week’s episode, you’ll find: ⁠ 👋 00:00 – 02:05 I Messages from Jaime 🦔 02:05 – 18:07 I A yoga adventure about Sonic The Hedgehog. Learn how to balance our super sonic energy levels with plenty of peace, rest and calm. 🎄 18:07 – 21:00 I A preview of our new App exclusive Christmas Nutcracker yoga adventure 🐶 21:00 – 22:24 I A lesson in Dog Pose. WOOF! 🍬 22:24 – 27:42 I A Zen Den about why we sometimes get ‘wanty’ and how to manage the feeling. 🦅 27:42 – 29:40 I A lesson in Eagle Pose 😴 29:40 – 37:00 I A guided meditation in which we discover the Flop-o-meter – a way of measuring how floppy our bodies can become.


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