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Best Online Breathwork Training Course

Best Online Breathwork Training & Pranayama Course



What is Breathwork?

Pranayama Course and Breathwork Training India

Breathwork is popular these days. However, it is not a new concept. It has come to be known for many years. It has its origins in yoga. Breathwork’s original basis depends on breathing in and out. When you breathe in, your mind and body are nourished. When you breathe out, toxins and tension are released. Your breath allows oxygen to enter your body, enabling you to flourish. The way you breathe changes whether you’re physically or emotionally stressed. Breathwork is a technique for reducing stress and restoring physiological equilibrium. The combination of breathwork with breathe easier essential oil results in solid therapeutic activity. So, whether you’re a seasoned breath worker or starting started, get ready to have your breathwork supercharged with essential oils. According to 2013 research, some breathe easier essential oil, i.e., peppermint oil can help relax the windpipe muscles. This might explain why these breathe easier essential oil can help individuals with coughs breathe easier.

Best Breathwork Pranayama Course

Breathwork may have a beneficial effect on your central nervous system as well. When you’re worried, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. This decreases the concentration of oxygen that enters your bloodstream. When your brain detects a threat, your body responds in two ways. One is a fight and another one in flight. It is clear that it has several advantages, and online courses are an excellent method for anybody interested in online training. Improving your breathwork can help you get more out of your yoga practice. There are many choices, but here are some of the best online courses for increasing your breathwork.


  1. Sarvottam Kundalini Series
  2. Pranayama Online Course
  3. Loka Yoga School
  4. Yoga International
  5. Sounds True
  6. Applied Yoga Mobility breathwork
  7. Mindbody Green


These are all great online courses for learning more about breathwork and how it may profit your yoga practice. The essential part of yoga is breathwork, which should be retained in tandem with the yoga postures. You will have to filter through a large amount of material on the internet. The question of what is true is constantly present. Here are the five most reliable breathwork training options available online.

Sarvottam Kundalini Breathwork

Sarvottam Ji - Kundalini Pranayama and Meditation Teacher

Sarvottam Kundalini Breathwork Series is a series of breathwork. This will stimulate your mental energy system. It consists of many parts. All parts are equally important to relieve your stress. High-pressure active breathing and Chakra Breathing are their important parts. The top advantage of this breathwork is psychical wisdom. In addition, the other uses are listed below:

  • Activation of your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Releases mental, physical, and emotional stress
  • Relief trauma
  • Raises immunity
  • Boosts longevity
  • Activates your heart
  • Center activates your pineal gland.


Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa

The common question in every mind is what is Pranayama, or breathwork? Prana is the most potent vital force of air energy. Ayama-breathing control of five different types of life energy force-restraint of vital points is a training discipline. So Pranayama means “control of vital energy that tingles through everyone’s nerves.” Yogis are those who maintain a continuous focus on every yogic ability. Those who obtain siddhis are known as Siddhas. Sadhana is the means through which they get siddhis. One of the essential sadhanas is Pranayama. You can control the physical body by doing asana. You can control the subtle and astral body by practicing Pranayama. Control of the breath maintains critical inner currents since the breath and nerve currents are wholly linked. The prana is the source of all life in the world.

Breathing is a vital practice for anybody serious about yoga. A pranayama course is an excellent method to learn how to do it. You are gaining a deeper awareness of your breathing, learning about breathing mechanics in this class. You can ultimately master your breath and using it to take your yoga to the next level. These are all parts of a pranayama class. Our online breathwork pranayama courses are rather hard because breathing is essential for becoming a yoga and meditation teacher. You’ll be put to the test since Pranayama necessitates getting to the core of oneself to master this most fundamental of these processes.

On the other hand, the services cannot be overstated. You will discover that you may reach a state of total relaxation in very little time. This is due to relaxing your inner self at will. Try out one of our pranayama classes and see how much of a difference it can make in your yoga and meditation.

Loka Yoga School

If you need to pace yourself, Loka Yoga School provides a 20-hour online breathwork training program. It is perfect for people with an anxious schedule. You may fit the online training into your schedule whenever it is suitable for you. They will educate and lead you through 24 breathing methods to help you change and improve your present breathing patterns. It will reduce stress and improve your yoga performance. These breathing methods may even be used in everyday life, especially when these are coped with stressful conditions. Their breathwork facilitators, teachers, and yoga instructors are all globally certified. They have volunteered in various settings. Many of their teachers have worked in the yoga industry or have practiced yoga for more than ten years. They are much qualified. Some of them have even earned medical degrees. Their methods aren’t only those of those who have been doing yoga every day for years. They are guided in the most acceptable methods for breathing techniques by science and medical professionals.

Sounds True

Sounds True provides a little less costly breathwork training course. It includes six video courses as well as additional materials. You’ll also get a month-by-month practice schedule. Reminders and a progress tracker are also present to help you stay on target. You can also acquire advanced meditative yoga abilities in this session. The lesson focuses on the formal method of breathwork known as “Pranayama.” It means “to free life energy from its confines.” Richard Freeman, the teacher, is in charge of the videos. His yoga practice has made him famous all over the world. He has been a yoga student since 1968. He has written numerous books on the subject. He even spent more than a decade in Asia to learn about the culture and religion of the region.

Applied Yoga Mobility

The diaphragm is controlled and worked within this fantastic breathwork exercise. It teaches how to breathe correctly and how to cope with stress and attain conscious calm. Applied Yoga recognizes that yoga may be a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. As a result, students in this course also study the fundamentals of yogic Pranayama. You will get unlimited access after enrolling, as well as five C.E.U.S hours toward your specialty. You can also have the chance to join a private Facebook group that will establish a supportive community that will give aid and guidance after you get access to this course.

Mind Body Green

It gives practical, step-by-step instruction to breathwork techniques. These are known as “The Ultimate Guide To Breathwork.” This course aims to reduce stress in the mind of people. Eliminate energy stagnation is its primary goal. Reconnect with your life force you to develop great wealth in your private, professional, and moral lives.

Mantra Yoga School – Goa, Dharamsala, India and Pokhara, Nepal offers short term residential and Non-Residential Pranayama course and Breathwork training for Pranayama Beginners to advanced practitioners. One of the most informative and advanced International certification training program for Yoga teachers around the world to gain wisdom of Pranayama is conducted by lead teacher YACEP – Sarvottam Ji

Pranayama Course Online


This session is for anybody who has heard about the benefits of breathwork and wants to try it out for themselves. This is for those who feel confused and overstimulated. This is also for those who are unable to move forward with big decisions in their life. After completing this course, students will receive valuable knowledge that will enable them to be the most excellent version of themselves. With an internet connection, you can stream from anywhere at any time.

So sign up today and prepare to enjoy a happier, more present, and calmer existence.


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