Best 15 MIN Beginner Yoga For Men & Women | Welcome Yoga Into Your Life – Day 1

This 15 minute beginner yoga class is a perfect yoga session for men and women who are new to yoga or looking to a gentle and relaxing full body stretch. A grounded fundamental session that starts from the beginning, in order to build a solid and beneficial practice upwards from. This Beginner class is Day 1 of the Beginner Yoga Journey Program exclusively on our Boho Beautiful Official App. To join the entire 7 day series sign up for free today and try out our app risk free for 7 days! Roll out your mat, grab some water, take a deep breath & lets begin! Yoga Instructor- Mark Spicoluk Painting Behind The Couch: Class Music: Boho Beautiful Yoga Links: Boho Beautiful Official- Our NEW Streaming Platform & App- Download from your App Store Right Now! Apple Store- Android Store-


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