Ayurvedic tips to help you flow through Fall – Webinar with Irina Verwer

Check out Irina’s courses on the EkhartYoga Academy: As the trees lose the last of their leaves in the Northern hemisphere, you may notice that now Autumn is here, you’re feeling more stressed, tired, or overwhelmed than usual. Maybe your skin is dryer, you’re feeling the cold more, or suffering from joint pain, constipation or insomnia. Perhaps you’re craving stability but struggling to keep to a routine?? No matter what’s going on for you at the moment, you’ll be given some Ayurvedic gems to help you flow through Fall – the season governed by the Ayurvedic dosha of Vata. You’ll learn how to bring yourself back to balance, so that you’re ready for whatever the rest of the year will bring. This webinar was streamed LIVE on 2 November 2021. Sign up to the EkhartYoga Academy newsletter to keep up to date on future live webinars and offers:


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